Service description:

Our service consists in verifying the documents and guiding the client to fulfil all the procedures of the specific consular service. We register an individual appointment request at the consulate to obtain a consular service. We schedule when the client can go to the consulate on the first available date.

Service Procedure: 

Applications for appointment at the Consulate will be registered within 10 working days (Standard service) or in 2 working days (Urgent service) from the moment of receiving the documents. The timeframe for the Company to complete the Order excludes the time that the document is in transit with the courier / postal system. This does not form part of the service provided by the Company.

Validation of the application is carried out by the desired Consulate and the response time may vary depending on the period.

The appointment date will be the first available date communicated by the Embassy / Consulate subject to availability and will be announced on your E-mail.

Where a delay has occurred, the Company will inform the Customer at the first available opportunity to advice on the new expected completion time.

After we obtain the Application Code and Appointment date and time in the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania ( on behalf of the client, our service is considered PROVIDED and FINALISED.

We communicate to the client the application code and the date and time of the appointment only through electronic means of communication, E-mail and Whatsapp or mobile text.

We have no obligation after this point. We cannot be responsible if the client does not show up at the consulate on the date and time he has the appointment.

Cancellation and refund

You can request the cancellation of the order and the refund of the amounts paid within 24 hours of the registration of the order. After starting the procedure of verification and registration of the application at the Consulate (even if the client has not sent all the necessary documents), the full or partial refund is at the discretion of the company.

According to clause 13 of the Regulation on distance selling and home orders, the Company does not offer the Customer the right to refund the payment if he requests the cancellation of the order after the registration of the application at the Consulate. The registration of the application is proved by obtaining the Application Code and Appointment date and time in the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania ( on behalf of the client.


Consulting & applications for Appointment services at the Romanian Embassy and Consulates in Great Britain are operated by Hostomic Ltd. (Company No: 10045904), partner of LegalVision Ltd.

I hereby request and authorise Hostomic LTD. to register in my name or of the persons I represent, individual requests and appointments for presentation at the Romanian Consulate.

In order to register the application and make the appointment, HOSTOMIC LTD. may process my personal data and / or the data of the persons for whom I registered the request. It can also use my personal data in communication with third parties in any situation required by law and banking fiscal regulations.

Additional conditions

Bank transfer (BACS / CHAPS) and Cheque payments are accepted at the discretion of the Company. The Company will require such payments to have ‘cleared’ before placed Orders can commence.

No warranty or liability is accepted by the Company, its staff/agents in relation to services provided, impartial advice or information given to the Customer. Impartial advice or information provided to the Customer by the Company is not legally binding and is not intended to be construed as legal advice and the Company is not liable for losses or damages to the Customer however is caused.