Apostille UK – Legalisation Office
Apostille of the Hague in London and United Kingdom

Apostille UK can legalise any genuine documents from the United Kingdom, from personal documents to business and Government issued documents


How to Legalise with Apostille?

  1. Print and fill in the Order Form with your details
  2. Post your documents with the Order Form to us
  3. We legalise your documents and post them back to you


  • Postal address is on the top of the form – Please use the Gatwick Office for Standard Apostille and London Office for Same Day Apostille
  • If you do not have a printer, please write down your name, email, telephone and return address and send together with your documents.
  • Payment can be made on the invoice with Debit/Credit Card on, Bank Transfer, Cheque etc


Prices (for 1 document with all taxes)

Standard Apostille UK

£59 – 9 Working Days
£65 – 6 Working Days
£75 – 4 Working Days

Emergency Apostille UK

£178 – 1 Day Apostille Legalisation
£187 – 1 Hour Apostille Legalisation

Discount available for more documents.

Apostille UK can do Embassy authentication and translate documents to any language in the world

Please note that Apostille UK representative speaks English only

Apostille UK

What I need to know ?

  • Before you legalise your document with Apostille identify whether your documents need notary certification to get apostilled. We can certify any document by a Public Notary or Solicitor when necessary.

  • Most company documents can be Legalised by simply scanning and emailing to us together with your contact details.

  • Documents that do not require Notary Certification

    Birth Certificate
    Marriage Certificate
    Civil Ceremony Certificate
    Death Certificate / Coroners Certificate
    Divorce Certificate stamped by Court
    No Impediment Certificate
    Decree Absolute or Nisi
    Deed Poll Name Change signed by Solicitor
    Certificate of Good Standing
    Affidavits witnessed by a Notary/Solicitor
    Power of Attorney witnessed by Notary/Solicitor
    Disclosure Scotland signed by Notary/Solicitor
    Criminal Record Checks – Signed – DBS
    Subject Access – Police National Computer PNC
    Medical Notes or Certificates – Signed by Doctor
    ACPO – ACRO – NIS Certificates
    Police Letters
    Last Will & Testament stamped by a Court or signed by Notary/Solicitor
    Access Northern Ireland
    HMRC Certificate of Residency
    HMRC Letters signed by an HMRC officer
    Companies House Document signed by Registrar
    Certificate of Free Sale
    Rural Payments Agency Documents
    Any Solicitor signed documents
    Any Notary Public documents
  • Documents that require Notary Certification

    Personal Documents
    Disclosure Scotland not signed
    DBS Check – Basic & Enhanced not signed
    Employment Letters, Contract of Employment
    HMRC Letters, P60, Tax Return
    Driving Licence, ID, Passport, Insurance No
  • Educational Documents
    Degree, Masters Certificate
    Baccalaureate, A Levels, GCSE
    NVQ, GNVQ, Edexcel, City& Guilds
    School, College, University Certificate or Diploma
    Professional Qualifications, Academic Documents
    Transcripts of study
  • Business Documents
    Certificate of Incorporation
    Memorandum and Articles of Association
    Companies House Documents
    Certificate of Name Change
    Resolutions and Minutes
    Purchase or Sale documents
    Annual Returns, Tax, VAT Certificates
    Accounts, Audit
    Licenses and Agreements
    Certificate of Residency
    Any Company Document
    Electronic Documents and Banking

What you can legalise?

  • Government: Company House, HMRC, Disclosure, Police
  • Personal: Birth Certificate, Marriage & Death Certificate, Baptism Certificate
  • Court: Divorce Certificate, Court Decree
  • Notary: Affidavit, Attorney, Testament, Notary Documents
  • Solicitor: Certified Documents, Last Will, Deed Poll Name Change
  • Educational: Diploma, Certificate, Academic Documents
  • Company: Business Documents, Incorporation, Memorandum, Accounts, Tax, Export
  • Employer: Tax Return, Employment Letter
  • Medical: Doctor Letter, Medical Notes
  • Others: Passport, Driving Licence, Identity Card, Insurance Number, Translation
  • Electronic Documents: Payslips, Work Contract, Bank, HMRC tax

1. Print and fill the Order Form with your details
2. Post your documents with the Order Form to us
3. We legalise your documents and post back to you

  • Postal address are written on the top of the form
  • In case you do not have a printer then please post your document to us with your details written down
    ( Name, Email, Telephone and Return Address)
  • Payment can be made by Debit/Credit Card on the invoice, Bank transfer, Cheque, Postal Order, Paypal, etc

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